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Hi, I'm Anna B

I just recently graduated from college so I will have plenty of time to adjust to your schedule and care for your pets as needed. I can feed/walk them at any time of day, in almost any type of weather. I will love your pet like my own. Please let me know if your pet has any special needs or behaviors I can account for. There can never be too much information given! I want your pet to feel safe with me.

I have been a sitter for dogs, cats, chinchillas, turtles, fish, hedgehogs and more for several years now. I have stayed at people's houses to watch and take care of their pets and have also just dropped by here and there to feed and walk them. I love animals; I currently have a wonderful cat and a hedgehog! I love interacting with different pets and seeing the different personalities and habits of them. If you need certain special care for your pet, don't hesitate to let me know! I want to make sure your animal gets the special care she/he needs because I know I would want the same for mine.

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